Dan Rice


Web Developer

Co-founder @ Hobzy

Birmingham, UK


I like building things and bringing ideas to life.

I'm a developer by trade, specialising in beautiful and high performance front-end web solutions. I enjoy working on the full visual stack; this includes design, markup, scripting, and everything in between.

I'm currently focused on design, development and day-to-day operations at Hobzy, the business I co-founded back in 2011.

Ventures & Projects

Host My Portfolio Preview Image

Host My Portfolio

An elegant, beautiful and simple to use platform for showcasing your work.


SHA-2 Decrypt Preview Image

Sha-2 Decrypt

SHA-2 Decrypt is a penetration testing tool that provides a web interface to a database containing 2,436,962 hashes (SHA-256 & SHA-512) and their plaintext equivilents.


Design & Code